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"I have been reading with Rebecca for about a year now. I came to her when I was having some personal issues and she was so spot on that it blew me away. Rebecca is more then a psychic, she is a friend and someone who truly cares. Rebecca is just amazing and I don't think any other words can explain Rebecca. I would recommend her to anyone ...and I have!" - Lisa, AZ., March 2016

"Rebecca has an extraordinary gift....just amazing! have spoken to other psychics in the past, but none as detailed and on point with several aspects of my life as she was. Rebecca was able to accurately interpret situations so intuitively, answer all my questions, and provide the caring guidance I was looking for. I'll never forget the unexpected sign that she passed on from my great grandmother!  Not only is she compassionate and understanding when it comes to sensitive topics, she is 100% genuine. Rebecca told me the things I needed to hear. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity, guidance, or healing!" - Anya, Florida. Oct. 2015

"Rebecca is one of the most accurate, detailed and compassionate psychics I have ever received a reading from. Not only is her reading deeply insightful, it is delivered in combination with solid spiritual mentoring. I would recommend Rebecca  to anyone without hesitation. She is immensely gifted." - Sara, Ohio 2015

"Our reading was truly amazing. The amount of clarity and insight you have brought to me is greatly appreciated! It was amazing how you picked up on the hints and secret code my mother and I had made before her passing. The code about the birds and the yellow flowers was amazing. As a psychic empath myself I understand the dedication that you have with helping your clients find peace. Hearing the messages from my loved ones and my guides have cleared up so much in my mind. I feel as though my path has been revealed. I go to bed this evening with a happy heart feeling as though I have closure. You are truly an amazing woman, I cannot wait to speak with you again!!" - Trish B.,  KY. June 2013.

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  • Dream and vision analysis
  • Spiritual teachings/mentor
  • Finding your life’s purpose
  • Help direct you with relationships, careers, and finances
  • Discover the under laying issues with weight control
  • Pet communication
  • Help balance karmic contracts
  • Connect you with deceased loved ones 
  • Lift depression 
  • Discover your spirit guides and animal spirit helpers
  • Talk to your Angels
  • Remote clearing and healing sessions
  • House and property clearings of unwanted spirits/negative energy



Use the drop down menu on the right to choose the reading time then pay using the paypal checkout button. Once you have paid, Rebecca will be alerted and email you back to set up a time that is mutually convenient.


Email Readings

  • 3 question email reading** - $45.00 **After paying for a 3 question email reading send your questions by email to

Phone Readings

  • $55.00 - 15 mins
  • $90.00 - 30 mins
  • $160.00 - 1 hour

Angel Psychic Readings are a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's Guardian Angels and Archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. An Angel Psychic Reading helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and your Angels through a Spiritual Psychic Medium such as Rebecca.

As a third generation naturally gifted clairaudient medium, she has gained much insight and experience over her life time and continuously expands her knowledge, wisdom and understanding of spirit to enhance the lives of others.

She is certified through Angel communicator, teacher and author, Doreen Virtue, PhD and holds three certificates in Angel healing & communication along with Intuitive Mentorship, Spiritual Mediumship, Animal Energy Medicine, holds Psychic Seminars and Audience Readings.

Rebecca not only works with Angels of God, she also works with and has a strong connection to Jesus. Jesus came to Rebecca during her first certification in Angel learning and communication. Because Rebecca holds the gifts of 4 psychic "clairs", clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claicognizance, she was able to not only see Jesus standing before her as she sees images of Angels, but clearly receives his messages. Jesus told Rebecca that from that day forward she would be working closely with him to heal and minister to others.

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"Becki,you are a God send. You have no idea how much this has helped me. No ones brought up about my back problems in relation to walking the babies (dogs) until you said it over the phone reading, so truly you have helped me and the babies so much."
Susan, Chad and Chelsea Marie...Belmont, Ohio

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DISCLAIMER: When it comes to medical advice or legal issues I suggest you always speak to your physician, nutritionist or legal counselor as I am none of these. Whereas I can give you insight, I cannot be held responsible for decisions made in regard to my readings as free will can change the outcome. What is shown to me throughout a reading comes from the situations that are currently going on within the very moment of the reading. Contacting me for my services is a contract and you agree to and understand this disclaimer.